XYZ-Motion Doming System for 1-Component, Instant Curing Resins

Specially designed for ultra high speed production of domed micro scripting parts as well as most domed labels, decals, nameplates, and restyling graphics.
Single system to quickly dispense and instantly cure E-Dome™ 1-component resins
  • High productivity for doming of micro-scripting as well as most labels, decals, nameplates and restyling graphics
  • Multiple parts can be produced from dispensing to full curing in just a few minutes
  • XYZ dispensing robot with linear and circular motion interpolation
  • Advanced dispensing head and nozzle design
  • Versatility to work with scripting and traditional doming applications
  • Highly accurate and fast dispensing even for extremely thin parts
  • Hand-held pendant programming
  • No purge or solvent cleaning required
  • Fast set-up and installation
  • Extremely easy to program and operate
  • One single operator can run the entire system
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High productivity and fast return for the investment
Small foot print
  • Low overhead costs
Many upgrade options available
  • Versatility to customize system to specific needs and budgets

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