Compact Integrated Manufacturing Line

One system to meet all your needs: dispense resins, transport, and instantly cure or gel parts.
Extremely versatile production process
  • A single Q-Plant™ system can dome parts using both E-Dome™ 1-component and E-Dome™ 2-component systems
  • Low capital investment: a single Q-Plant™ system meets all your needs
  • Ideal for scripting and all traditional doming applications
Instant UV cure/gel system
  • High productivity: E-Domed parts will cure/gel in a few seconds and can be cut or packed within a few minutes after curing
Easy to operate
  • Low labor costs: only one operator required
Operates with Takflat™ Flat Holding Assembly Boards
  • Low capital investment: no need for "octopus" system of vacuum pumps, hoses and tables
  • Faster set up and high productivity: no unused vacuum table holes to be covered; no risk of hole plugging with cured resin
ART™ (Auto-Registration Technology)
  • Vision system that allows for faster setup
  • Camera locates the sheet at virtually any angle
  • Perfect nozzle positioning every time

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