Molding Resins

E-Dome™ 1-Component & Instant Cure Resins

Flexible or rigid 3D colored or transparent emblems and parts made in less than 5 minutes with unlimited profile choices.

Extremely versatile production process
  • A number of opportunities to serve your customers with rigid and flexible molded parts in a variety of shapes and colors
  • 2-in-1 Process: the same systems that dispense, transport and cure E-Dome™ resins can be used to produce metallic (chromed) and non-metallic HD Grafix™ 3D emblems
Low capital investment
  • Highly competitive production processes: equipment investment for E-Dome™ molding resins is a fraction of the investment for injection molding machines and molds
Instant cure
  • High productivity: parts cure in a few seconds and can be cut and packed within minutes after curing
  • No mixing required, ultra fast set up and shut down
  • No purge or solvent flushing required = no waste
Mercury free
  • Meets auto makers' requirements
  • RoHS and ELV compliant
Safer to use
  • No isocyanates
  • No toxic metals
Extremely low maintenance
  • Lower production costs

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