Flat Holding Assembly Boards

Takflat™ is an innovative solution for holding label sheets flat while dispensing doming resins. With an advanced yellow material that stays tacky, Takflat™ sturdy composite boards effectively replace vacuum tables.

  • No vacuum pumps, connections or holes required
  • No unused vacuum table holes to be covered
  • Faster setup
  • High mobility
  • No risk of hole plugging with cured resin
  • Higher productivity
  • Long life
  • Holds label sheets flat every time
  • Easy to move sheets from the dispensing area to sheet stacker, conveyor or ovens
  • Tacky surface can be regenerated by wiping with a cloth wetted with IPA
  • Will lightly bond to most release papers or plastic surfaces
  • Holds flat and will not damage the surface
  • Easy release: to remove the sheet, just peel it off
  • Heat resistant
  • UV light resistant
  • If necessary, torch can be used to remove bubbles from domed parts sitting on Takflat™ boards
  • Will remain tacky even if heated and cooled many times
  • Can be placed in oven or UV cured/gelled to speed the curing of domed parts

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